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If you are/were unable to attend Scoop the Loop in Seymour, Indiana, you can find pictures on Facebook at the “Scoop the Loop” – Group or “If you grew up in Jackson County, you remember…”

Some of your Facebook friends from Seymour may also be posting on their Facebook.

Pictures are being posted as the event is happening.

My only question:  Who are all those people?  I don’t recognize anyone.

Last year, there were some pictures posted with names, and when others see their friends, they usually identify them in the comment section.

Enjoy Scoop the Loop all of you in Seymour!


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If you are looking for information on Scoop the Loop 2012, here it is.  You can also find some information on the Facebook group, If You Grew Up In Jackson County.

Last year’s Scoop the Loop was a spontaneous event, but this year it looks like they are going all out.  On the If You Grew Up In Indiana, they are posting that 500 people say that they are attending.

A night to remember the good old days . . . (hahahaha)

or maybe just to see where life has taken everyone.


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In the need of a vacation?

any kind of vacation?

short?  long?


just need it.  Well…

Laughter is an instant vacation.  –Milton Berle

Let the vacation begin . . .

1.  Find

your funniest friends

a young child that can answer your questions (think Kids Say the Darndest Things)

2.  Ask them to join you for a party.

3.  Laugh the night way.

4.  Instant vacation.

You might even check out Kids with Heart Backyard BBQs

at East Side Church of God, Anderson, IN.

We would love for you to join us.

Need a vaca?

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Too much information!


How do you deal with all the information available to you at your fingertips?  How do you consume it efficiently?  Everyone wants you to be a part of their audience.  So much good stuff (and bad stuff too) out there, but only so much time to consume it.  How do you choose?  How do you stay aware of the world around you?

Books to read

Blogs to peruse

New devices

New apps

New products for work, home, school, church

Sales, ads, the latest and greatest in retail

News – political, social, community, global

Social media – twitter, facebook, pinterest

Internet, Google, Ask, Bing, and all their offspring

email forwards (enough said)

Educational materials – finished graduate degree – What’s next?

Interesting and new topics to explore

My Bible – God’s Word to me and for me

Lessons to study and teach

Time to take a deep breath

Time for my brain to slow down

Time for rest and sleep

After I finish reading Mockingjay.

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I don’t know that they can change your life, but they can definitely influence your perspective

and make you smile awhile.

#17 and #29 are probably my favorites.

Trying to remember #2 as Peyton Manning leaves the Colts.

#15 is taking on new meaning for me.

What about you?

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Treats From Indiana

East Side Church of God, Anderson, Indiana – amazing volunteers


Abe Lincoln






AU Raven


Raggedy Ann


Indiana Inventor Bitar


Indiana popcorn










covered bridge


Mounds State Park Naturalist


Johnny Appleseed


one SPECTACULAR night of fun for everyone!

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The countdown is on for our big fall event.  This year it is TREATS from INDIANA.

Here are my preparations for this week of last-minute details

wondering exactly

how much candy we will need

and who is going to bring it

and how many people will come

and what to do when the hallways get crowded

and will everyone show as in volunteers

and do we have enough volunteers




and will my stash last the entire week…

My favorite food group

What can I say?

It’s going to be a crazy week,

and I need the extra energy.

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