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I Remember

Twenty-five years of love came on Valentine’s Day

I remember

You appeared twenty-five years ago – slowly and quietly.

You were a good size – 8 pounds 2 ounces.

You love Christmas trees.

You loved to be rocked by your dad.

You broke out after eating lots of strawberry yogurt when you were 2.  You wouldn’t eat anything else.

You loved both of your dogs.

You loved legos.

Robin Hood was one of your heroes.

You were cute in your Robin Hood costume that you wore frequently.

You like to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Hockey on roller blades in the driveway was a favorite pastime.

The garage door suffered the most.

You played little league baseball and participated in karate for a while.

Nerf wars in the rec room were always a highlight.

Sleepovers at our house with the guys included

filming hilarious videos,

pizza eaten at all hours of the night and morning,

more Nerf wars,

games outside in the dark,

scaring the dog,

and laughing all night long.

You taught yourself how to ride a bicycle without training wheels.

You loved to be read to and then to read.

Drums were played loudly by you.

You ran your car out of gas numerous times.  We charged you $5 to rescue you.

Grandma was the first to notice the dent in the car from a mailbox.

Yes, I put a big ding in your car recently.

You and your brother enjoy being brothers now.

You drove from one coast to another.

You obviously loved school since you kept going to the master’s level.

You are truly a remarkable young man.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Birthday!

With lots of love,




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Thank you God for Dads

Thank you God for Dads

who love God

who love their wife

who love their kids

Thank you God for my dad

who loves me

who fixed everything from broken toys to broken cars

Thank you God for my kids’ dad

who I love and who loves his kids

Thank you God for my father-in-law

who did a great job of raising his son to love his wife and his kids

Thank you God for my grandfathers

who raised my parents and loved me

Thank you, Dads

for loving God, your wife, and your kids!

Happy Father’s Day!

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Brandcenter Graduation!

What a fun time!

An amazing 93 graduates who live life exuberantly!

who do pre-claps!

who laugh!

who love!

who have studied hard!

who have learned much!

who are ready to share their creative talents!

who live life fully!

This is a small video of their graduation ceremony.  My son is at 1:12.  This youtube video gives you a glimpse of a group of people who celebrate life and each other very well!  They clapped throughout the entire 93 students from beginning to end!  What love!  What joy!  It was delightful celebrating their success at completing a master of science degree in communications.  You have much to celebrate, and your families are so proud of what you have done.

Congratulations to the Class of 2010 Brandcenter Graduates

of Virginia Commonwealth University!




Graduation speaker Jim Stengel’s speech can be found at Jim Stengel, Brandcenter Graduation Speech.

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A Lullaby

Mother’s Day is this weekend.  Just remembering tucking my boys in at night

many years ago!

Good night, Adam and Jason!

Hope your day was a day of celebration and living well!

Love you lots,


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#1 Colts’ Fan

Colts’ fans do the craziest things and are extremely loyal.  However, I think the #1 Colts’ fan may be in my family.  My son, who is a graduate student looking for a job, was interviewed by an advertising agency in Boston.  The conversation went something like this.

Boston:  So what do you think about living in Boston?

My son:  Well, I have to be honest. I’m not that excited about it.   I know that living in Boston means being a Pats (New England Patriots) fan.  I just don’t know how that would work.  You see, I am a life long Indianapolis Colts’ fan.  I grew up going to Colts’ training camps in Anderson, Indiana, and I just don’t think living in Boston will probably work for a Colts’ fan like me.

Boston:  It just wouldn’t feel like home, would it?

My son:  That’s exactly right.

Boston:  Well, my husband works for the Pats so I appreciate your honesty.  If an opening becomes available in New York, we’ll let you know.

Well, for our son, Colts’ loyalty means not taking a job in Boston.  I think that makes him the #1 Colts’ Fan.  Son, we are so proud of you and hope you get a great job where you can continue to support your Indianapolis Colts so faithfully.

Go Colts!

You know you could say “it is what it is” – a job

the “. . . or is it” might just be something about loving the Indianapolis Colts!

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It is not what you keep from a child that will save him,

not what town you move him to.

It is what you put into him in the first place.

New York Times editorial after Littleton

As parents, teachers, children’s pastors, what are we putting into our children?

What are the most important “things” to put into our children?

How do we accomplish this?

Something I am thinking about.

What do you think?

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To my 2 nieces, Andrea and Morgan

This is for you.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Birthday!

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