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What are you watching for?

Are you the clock watcher watching for quitting time?

Are you the shopper watching for extraordinary sales?

Are you the judge watching for someone to mess up?

Are you the teacher watching for a child’s grasp of new knowledge?

Are you the funny guy watching for the reaction of the crowd?

Are you the hungry watching for someone to bring food?

Are you the lonely watching for a friend?

Are you the wise man watching the stars?

Are you the prophet watching for Jesus?

Are you the minister watching for God’s activity?

Are you watching God’s transformation in you?

Now wait for it . . .


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Pay Attention!

I came across this mandate today and am trying to consider ways and what to pay attention to.  More on this discovery later.  For this moment, let’s pay attention to these thoughts.

We have heard these words at school from the teacher.

We have seen people who scream without words, pay attention to me.

Little kids delight when someone pays attention to them.

We see the celebrity culture that is addicted to someone paying attention to them.

So this week

Pay Attention

to the flowers

the color, the smell, the shape of the leaves

the snow if it comes

softly, quickly, slowly, peacefully, its quietness, its cleansing

the person you are with

smile, laugh, live, love

the person you are thinking about

tell them, call them, text them, say the words

God’s presence

stop and pay attention, it’s important

the kindness of a stranger

the small things can shout about a caring world

the loneliness of a human being

smile, share a moment, be kind

and love everywhere

you know what to do

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Unforgettable Moments

What are the unforgettable moments in life?

the impossible moments to forget?

what happened?

who were you with?

what makes it unforgettable?

what was the emotion of the moment?

are you able to relive it in your mind?

what brings an unforgettable moment to your mind?

a person?  a song?  a smell?  a word?  watching “home” movies?

my unforgettable moments include

my wedding day

the births of my two sons


one son getting horribly sick and making a huge mess

our homes

getting our son his first dog

buying crickets for a school project

marching band for me and my kids

special hugs

family vacations from camping to cruises

getting caught in a hail storm on Devil’s Peak

getting lost in the state parks of Kentucky

riding roller coasters with two of my favorite guys

when I met Jesus, and he became my friend

watching a family give a child up for adoption and

watching another family receive the gift of a child at adoption

some really bad ones that I would like to forget but are a part of me forever

these are some of my unforgettable moments that

I can recall in a second

waiting to experience more unforgettable moments

I do have a list you know.

not a bucket list but a hopeful waiting for the beauty of a moment

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Say What?

. . . let us run with patience the race that is set before us.  Hebrews 12:1

Love is patient.  Love is kind.  I Corinthians 13

I think that there might be a theme here.

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Grapple is an interesting word, and one that I have encountered numerous times lately.  I read a book on Christian education, and the author was enamoured with this word.  After this reading, I became sensitive to the word and have seen it used over and over.

Grapple seems to be the word that replaces




or deal with.

Random thoughts about grapple

. . . Maybe grapple is a softer and gentler way to identify those challenges in our lives that we need to fix or make sense out of.

. . . Maybe grapple is about revealing our inconsistencies.

. . . Maybe grapple shows that we are still learning and growing in all aspects of our lives socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

. . . Maybe grapple reveals that we are engaging life and living.

. . . If you don’t grapple, what are you doing?

What are you grappling with today?

Embrace it and grapple on.

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Merry Christmas!

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