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My feelings about early morning start times

at least not well

Who scheduled this crazy weekend and added a before sunrise meeting time?

You gotta love ministry!

It’s gonna be a GREAT MONDAY!

with some amazing people!

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Keep on Smilin’

Are you blue or bright, sunshiny yellow?

You might not change the world with a smile and a laugh,

but you will always have someone wondering what you are up to!

 . . . and that is definitely part of the fun!

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I Need to Laugh

I need laughter in my life.  You probably do too.  Maybe you don’t realize it, but laughter is good medicine for the soul.  So in case, you haven’t laughed today.  Here is a dose just for you.

Thought – How do you invite laughter and joy into your life?

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I love Coke!  If I can’t have Coke, it’s water.

Read about how Coke created the happiness machine.

This post could end as it is.  It’s fun.  It makes you smile.  Perhaps “it is what it is.”

If you want to go for the “. . . or is it?”, the question might arise where do you experience joy in your life?  at a Coke machine?  Probably not unless it was the happiness machine.  Just typing happiness machine brings a smile to my face.

Where does your joy come from?



latest gadgets?




The joy of the Lord will make you strong.  Nehemiah 8:10

something to ponder today . . .

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The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.  ~e.e. cummings

Laughter is an instant vacation.  ~Milton Berle

Love this piece from “Singing in the Rain”

Every day needs a little laughter!

So laugh today!

Look for God’s sense of humor as well.  You might be surprised!

Reminding myself to look for laughter and celebration!

I’m inviting you to join me in celebrating life and love!

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I thought that I would share this gift of spring today.  I found this entry as a retweet on twitter this morning.

Le rire est le soleil de l’esprit. // “Laughter is carbonated holiness” Anne Lamott

This inspired my search since twitter is not always the most reliable but a lot of fun.

Le rire, c’est le soleil; il chasse l’hiver du visage humain.

from Les Misérables

which translates

Laughter is sunshine; it chases winter from the human face.

How is your face looking today?

Do you still have your winter face on?

Is it time for a spring makeover?

Go and laugh today!  It’s contagious, and the world becomes a more beautiful place!

Here’s something to help you jump start your spring makeover!

Looking for lots of sunshine today!

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Take Time To Laugh Today

Children laugh about 400 times every day,

while adults, on average, laugh about 15 times every day.

How many times will you laugh today?

If you need some help getting started, watch these.

Share your joy!

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“The One whose throne is in heaven sits laughing.”  Psalm 2:4

What makes God laugh?

Answers from my facebook friends


our plans!

fun times with friends and family

when we say “I’ll never…” and He gets to watch us do what what we’d “never” do.

when we think we did it by our own strength.

the 1st thing that comes to mind — looking at me (or us I guess).  He laughs a lot!

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Who is laughing?

“The One whose throne is in heaven sits laughing.”  Psalm 2:4

What makes God laugh?

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Last week I had an unusual encounter at Walmart.  I was in the aisle that contained cleaning products, one of my least favorite aisles at Walmart, but it has to be done.  I am looking for a specific product, when man, probably in his 30s about 20 feet away, begins to ask me about toilet cleaning products.  Now, I don’t know about you, but toilet cleaning definitely ranks at  the bottom of my things to talk about list.

Our conversation went something like this.

The man:   “Which of these products should I use?”

Me:  “I have probably tried them all, and I don’t know if one is any better than the other.”

The man:  “Or should I just use bleach?”

Me:  “Well, if you buy one of these products then it will coat your bowl with cleaner and not just run into the water.”

The man:  (Looks at me like he doesn’t have a clue what I am walking about.  Proceeds to pick up a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner.)  “Should I use these dropins?”

Me:  “They do keep your bowl cleaner.  Just make sure that you clean the toilet before you put the drop in in the tank.”

The man:  “Clean the bowl first.”

Me:  “Yes.”

The man:  Which one should I get?”

Me:  (Thinking – just pick one out.)  “They all work the same – just some make the water blue and some don’t.”  (Thinking – if you have a preference for toilet bowl water.)

The man:  “I don’t mind blue.”

He picked out his products.  I went back to my shopping cart and wonder what just happened.  I was thinking that this is the strangest conversation that I have ever had with a stranger, and I have had some strange ones.  Usually people just want to tell you their problems.  I have listened to quite a few strangers in stores share their personal heartaches with me while shopping.  I wonder about them, and I wonder about me.

Anyway, as I was walking away, I thought “do I look like a toilet bowl cleaning expert?” and how can a man this age have gotten by without knowing how to clean a toilet or without having to buy products for cleaning a toilet.  Don’t linger there too long.  The images aren’t good.  Anyway, I think perhaps God stirred my heart, because I’m not sure I would think as kindly, but I was reminded that perhaps he was newly divorced or lost his job and his cleaning service or never did the shopping in his home and his wife was ill or…

You see, even in short, strange encounters @ Walmart, you just can’t say “it is what it is.”  Sometimes, it’s better to say “maybe I just don’t know the whole,” because…

As I was prompted to realize that there is always more to the story than “it is what it is,” I prayed for the man who was struggling with cleaning the toilet.  Maybe we all should spend more time cleaning our own toilets and asking for help if we need it.  Just a thought.

Question for today – How is your toilet cleaning today?

Love one another deeply, from the heart.  I Peter 1:22b

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.  I Peter 4:8.

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