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Dave Perrel is one of our many VBS Kids Camp volunteers who have faithfully served for numerous years. He served as the leader of our Game Station.  One year after VBS, he suggested we create a science station for VBS the following year. It was an amazing idea, which had not been done by any curriculum publishers.

Dave took the curriculum and created a station that uses science to illustrate our Bible lesson. He has continued to do this every year, and our kids love science at VBS Kids Camp. Dave and his wife, Alisa also serve as small group leaders for our elementary kids on Sundays.

Dave teaches AP physics at Anderson High School and loves teaching and his students. This year Dave has been named an Indiana Finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching.

Dave shared with me that the application process was quite lengthy and detailed. He included videos of teaching his science classes at the high school and also included a picture from VBS Kids Camp Science Station.

The Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching has been awarded annually since 1983 to outstanding K-12 science and mathematics teachers across the country. Following an initial state level selection process, the national winners are selected by a panel of scientists, mathematicians, and educators.

Winners receive a $10,000 award from the National Science Foundation, which they may use at their discretion. The winners also are invited to Washington, D.C., for an awards ceremony and a visit to the White House.

Thank you, Dave for sharing your love of science and teaching with East Side Kids! Congratulations on being named an Indiana finalist!


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East Side Kids!

Welcome to the incredible world of East Side Kids! We are committed to capture the hearts and imagination of kids so that we can introduce Jesus to them.

I want to share a small glimpse of what happens at East Side Church of God while the adults are attending Life Fellowship Classes and enjoying worship in the worship center with Pastor Kerry and his team.

On Sunday, January 18…

Our Anderson University team members returned to their ministry roles as they served our kids alongside our amazing East Side Kids! team members.

Our kids were involved in Sunday School, crafts, Bible stories, games, and small group times during the 1st and 2nd service, but this week……

Our special highlights included…

In the Tree House, our INCREASE students (grades 1-4) along with our HeartBeat students (grades 5-6) have been talking about the Life App Commitment. This past week, Gert Kumi was a special guest in the Tree House. Gert Kumi is a Julliard trained violinist and has performed as a violin soloist and recitalist across North America, Europe, China, South Korea, and Africa. Gert has also shared his musical ability at East Side Church of God.

Gert Kumi shared his story of how he became a violinist, and his commitment to learning to play the violin. Wiggly bodies were still (for the most part). Hands were raised to volunteer, because kids wanted to get up close to feel Gert’s violin vibrating as he was playing the strings. Eyes were laser focused on Gert and his violin. Ears were being utilized, because the only sounds being heard were Gert’s and his violin.

Gert proceeded to share the commitment that he has given to play the violin at the professional level that he does. Our kids were entranced as they watched the bow move across the strings and heard the different sounds that the violin could make. Gert’s commitment included 4 hours of practice per day to reach his level of expertise, and he continues to practice 2 hours per day to maintain his level of expertise. That’s commitment!

Gert also played an incredibly intricate piece on his violin for all of us to enjoy! Thank you, Gert for sharing your talent and commitment with East Side Kids!

If your child was in the Tree House between 10:40-11:10AM, I hope that they shared with you about this experience.

Our kids heard about how our commitment to talking about God can help our friends know Him better. Yes, our kids can be committed to telling others about Jesus, too.


Our East Side Kids families and volunteers met in the Tree House for lunch. With over 100 people in attendance, we scrunched into the Tree House space to eat together, get to know one another better, and talk about East Side Kids!

We had parents, volunteers, youth volunteers, and kids together in one room enjoying each other’s company. Children’s pastors dream about their varied age level ministry areas coming together, getting to know one another, and just having lunch and fun together.

East Side Church of God is committed to lifting up Jesus to the next generation. Thank you for loving our kids by committing your resources, time, and energy so that each boy and girl will know that Jesus loves them!

Commitment – Making a plan and putting it into practice. Thank you for making a plan for boys, girls and their families to know that Jesus loves them.

Thank you to 252 Basics Curriculum, Orange, ReThink Group!

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Another New Year 2013

Another New Year

We know some things that it will hold like





We also know that there will be the unexpected

those things that we can’t prepare for

those things we don’t want to “deal” with

those things we regret

those things that surprise us in an amazing way

So as we look into 2013

expect the unexpected

celebrate everything

be thankful for everything

love God

love others

It’s gonna be a great year!

No saying “it is what it is” either.

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A beautiful night of Christmas

Baby Jesus


the villagers, the animals

the sounds, the smells

the lights, the angel

excited shepherds and sheep

wise men (a little early but looking for the baby)

Christmas long ago


Christmas today

cakes, cookies

sleigh rides on a cold winter night

wassail and carolers

cookie decorating

snapping photos

young people singing

crafts to be made

cake walk

story time and puppets

We didn’t just imagine Christmas;

we experienced Christmas

together with love

East Side Church of God and all our neighbors

Merry Christmas!


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The countdown is on for our big fall event.  This year it is TREATS from INDIANA.

Here are my preparations for this week of last-minute details

wondering exactly

how much candy we will need

and who is going to bring it

and how many people will come

and what to do when the hallways get crowded

and will everyone show as in volunteers

and do we have enough volunteers




and will my stash last the entire week…

My favorite food group

What can I say?

It’s going to be a crazy week,

and I need the extra energy.

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Do you have the joy?

We recognize it!

It makes us smile.

We want to be a part of it.

It’s contagious!

Spread the joy!

“Joy is not the absence of suffering.  It is the presence of God.”  – Robert Schuller

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East Side Church of God and Change This World partner to feed hungry kids!

Everyone working together to change this world

one child at a time

one meal at a time.

It’s true.  You can change this world!


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