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Waiting for Spring

I love tulips, because they are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring.

We had tulips in our yard in our previous home, and one day we watched a 4 year old neighbor boy come into your yard, pick a tulip, and then throw it over the fence into his backyard.  After he picked one, he would run around the corner of the fence to make sure that no one had seen him.

I am sure that he was picking them for his mom.  I am also sure that she was mortified, because we were the only house that had tulips.  It was a new neighborhood with minimum landscaping at that point.

This little boy was so cute, and it was so fun to watch him sneak around the corner.  His mom called for him once, but it didn’t take long, and he was back.  Pick a tulip.  Throw it over the fence.  Retreat around the corner of the fence to make sure he could make another run for another tulip.  Too cute.

I would love to know what his mother thought when she found the tulips in her backyard.  Hopefully she enjoyed the tulips.

Enjoy these tulips while we wait for spring!

Spring will come!

with little boys picking flowers for their mom again!

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Falling Leaves


I drove down a street like this while the leaves were falling.  It was like confetti falling gently to the ground in a parade.  I had forgotten how beautiful the falling leaves are.  What a beautiful street!

I have missed the falling leaves when I was living in a new neighborhood with little, tiny trees and driving the interstate to work.  Lots of trees to see on the way to work now.  The things we miss without even realizing it.

Enjoy the falling leaves!  Look for them.  They are beautiful!


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If a Christian could take the form of a flower, which should it be?

A rose, a tulip, or a daffodil?

No – a Christian is called to be a dandelion because the dandelion has all the characteristics of a Christian witness.

A dandelion is spring’s first sign of hope.

A dandelion is the first expression of love, for it is the first flower given to a mother by her small child.

A dandelion, not conscious of class, has its influence on rich and poor alike.

A dandelion quickly makes itself known in the neighborhood.

A dandelion provides beauty and color, where nothing else will grow.

A dandelion can be mowed off and trampled on, and it will still bounce back with its witness as though nothing had happened.

A dandelion doesn’t require attention nor ask for any praise.

The roots are deep and strong; they are not easily discouraged.

If given half a chance, they will be happy just where they find themselves.

A dandelion is a victim of slander.  Some people say it is weak, but it pushes on undaunted to conquer the world.

A dandelion is very friendly.  It would be nice if we would all act like dandelions!

Author Unknown

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It is what it is…

a deadly predator

or is it?

Have you ever been surprised by the “facts”?

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