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Can you see it now?

Blind spots

We all have them.

Yet, we can’t see them.

I can see yours.

It’s so glaringly obvious.

I wish that you would see it too, because it’s a problem.

You can see mine.

I can’t believe that you think that you see that.

I don’t do that.

I don’t think that way.

What are you talking about?

I don’t have those feelings about that.

Yeah, you do.

We will probably never agree about what we see in one another.

What do we do then?

Hopefully, we are friends that can share our blind spots with one another.

I can’t see without you, and

you can’t see without me.

Perhaps together we can see it, and

who knows how our world will look…

be transformed…

Can you see it?


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Matthew 9:10-13

Later, Jesus and his disciples  were having dinner at Matthew’s house.  Many tax collectors and other sinners were also there.  Some Pharisees asked Jesus’ disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and other sinners?”

Jesus heard them and answered, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor, but sick people do.  Go and learn what the Scriptures mean when they say, ‘Instead of offering sacrifices to me, I want you to be merciful to others.’  I didn’t come to invite good people to be my followers.  I came to invite sinners.”

Are you a good person?

I want an invite.  Don’t you?

Look who gets the invite and who doesn’t.

You just can’t say “It is what it is.”  You might be surprised.  Who are the good people?  Who gets the invite?

Who might Jesus invite today?

How surprised would we be at his guest list?

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Traveling Together

Tomorrow we begin a new series in INCREASE on Sundays (ministry to grades 1-4) called “INTERSTATE 4 one another.”  The first lesson is on traveling together.  When I think of travel experiences that I have had with other people, I look back and laugh and sometimes groan in agony.

Traveling together can bring out the worst in people and can also be a delightful experience as you journey to a new destination.  Unfortunately we typically remember the bad elements of traveling together.  Friendships can be ruined when people travel together.  New friendships are formed when you meet others who are traveling with you.  I always consider it an amazing compliment when people want to travel with my family again.

When you travel, you must always expect the unexpected.  What comes as a surprise is seeing how your travel companions deal with the unexpected?  Who knew that they would respond in that manner?

We certainly struggle with traveling together in this life.

Why is it so difficult for people to be kind and loving towards one another?

Is it too hard?

Are we too lazy to make the effort to get along?

Do we decide that it’s just not worth the effort?

Are people in our lives not worth the effort?

That vice of sloth keeps rearing its ugly head.

May your travels take you to worship with God’s children tomorrow.

Love God and love others (including your enemies) well and deeply.

It’s called living life to the fullest.

It also makes your enemies wonder what you are up to.

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East Side Church of God, Anderson partnered with Change this World to feed hungry kids.  East Side raised $13,900 through t-shirt sales, dimes collected in water bottles, quarters collected in M&Ms tubes, and offerings in order to pack 50,000 meals that are headed to Uganda and Haiti.

Today hundreds of people participated in packing the meals from the very young to the very mature and lots in between.  Everyone working together and changing this world.  What a great day!  Worship services also included a challenge to give to missions around the world to share the gospel as we support missionaries and missions efforts around the world.


Amazing HeartBeat (preteen ministry) director and her faithful helper (and hubby)!  They led their kids in collecting quarters for Change this World as well as packing meals today.
The HeartBeat (5th and 6th graders) Packing Team!
Our Youngest Packer!
Packaged Meals
Boxes packed with meals!  Ready to ship to Uganda and Haiti!
50,000 meals – This world has been changed!
This is one element in East Side’s sharing God’s love with the world.
Seeking his kingdom first!

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Be our guest!

Disney has taken the art of hospitality to an amazing level.  What other organization is more inviting, more welcoming, more caring, or more prepared for their guests?  They are anxious for you to come and experience the wonder of a story.  They do not just want to tell you a story, but they invite you to be a part of the story.

Who turns down an invitation like this?

May we learn how to welcome people into our lives with love and care and kindness.

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We are better together.

all ages, the young and the mature, and everything in between

male and female

single and married

boys and girls

moms and dads

grandmas and grandpas

aunts and uncles

nieces and nephews


and don’t forget the greats and the seconds and thirds



friends who I haven’t met yet

Combine all of the above + water + games + popsicles = awesome togetherness

that includes







and fills our hearts to overflowing.

We really are better together.

Wednesday evening #1 – We are better together.

Discovery – Playing together was fun.

Let’s do it again.

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. . . great weekend at church

. . . Block party for the neighborhood – games, inflatables, and school supplies for the kids, lots of fun food like popcorn, hotdogs, snow cones, and cotton candy – YUM!, music, door prizes, sunshine, lots of love being shared

. . . Block party Dunk Tank was “manned” by some really great guys!  Good job Jason and Anthony and all your friends who helped!  The moment was priceless when the first kid, first throw, dunked Anthony and then the same kid second throw put Anthony right back in the water.  Too fun!

. . . Sunday worship with Colts Chaplain, Ken Johnson, “You can fly like an eagle or cluck like a chicken.”  Ken joined the Tulsa Police Department in 1984, and I left the Tulsa Police Department in 1984.  I was trying to figure out if we were there at the same time.

. . . amazing kids in kids worship as we study the fruit of the Spirit – Today we talked about gentleness.

. . . did my first really messy game in kids worship – Kids had to use their mouths to find 3 cookies hidden in Cool Whip.  4th grade girl found all her cookies before two 4th grade boys even found one.  She was determined!

. . . love the kids at my new church!  We are having a great time together!

. . . love the volunteers.  They continue to amaze me week after week in how they love kids and embrace all the challenges of children’s ministry.  I am privileged to serve with them.

. . . continue to meet people at church and hear their stories – lots of celebrations like engagement by one couple and another family excited about adding to their family!

. . . great church picnic.  The cotton candy was awesome!  Lots of teens enjoying snow cones too!

. . . Yes, it was a weekend filled with people, fun, sunshine, and food – and God watching over all of us smiling as love, compassion, and gentleness was shared with everyone.  It is good to belong . . .

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