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To keep moving

I need these “abilities”

my to-do list to move

eliminate the phrase, “It is what it is.”  (That’s a good way to get stuck.)

be responsible

create a sustainable plan

be consistent

be disciplined

keep taking one step forward (even when there are 2 steps back)

have mental fortitude (courage in pain or adversity)

persevere, stubbornness if you will

find focus

grit your teeth determination

emotional strength

spiritual digging

listening prayers (God does the talking.  I do the listening.)

know my limits

set my boundaries

check in the rearview mirror for accomplishments

see long-term

eliminate the naysayers, at least their voices

encourage my colleagues

smile at everyone

hug my friends

love my family

Give thanks to God endlessly!

I’ve got this…


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Today as I was walking through a store, I spotted a monkey which then reminded me of this.

I came across this Polish Proverb a few weeks ago.  This reminded me of a boss that I had when I was a 20 something.  He used to talk about the monkeys on his back.  The office staff even bought a stuffed monkey to put on his shelf behind his desk chair.

I wished I could have shared this Polish Proverb with him.  He would have enjoyed it.

As I was searching for the Polish Proverb, I also found this.


My boss would have loved this.  As I continued to reminisce about the boss that I had as a 20 something, I was reminded of all the great lessons that he passed on to me.  I hope that I can pass even one lesson on to the 20 somethings that I currently serve with.

Lessons from Pat included


extravagant generosity that he demonstrated and

that only very few people were aware of

how to handle difficult people on the phone

(It was a financial aid office at a university.)

how to handle constant changes in government regs regarding financial aid

laughter in the workplace in the craziness of financial aid

generous to his staff

love for God always

love for others regardless how they treated him – unbelievable love and mercy

Thank you, Mr. Pat Duncan!

The above picture is from his quartet days – long before I knew him.

This is a picture from the yearbook in 1980.  Yes, this pictures bring back a lot of memories.  In 1980 I was a student at this institution of higher learning.  I began working for Pat in 1984.

I wish that I could call you on the phone, Pat, and thank you for taking on me as a 20 something.

Below are the lyrics to a song that Pat sang and lived!

He’s Been Faithful to Me!

In my moments of fear

Through every pain, every tear

there’s a God who’s been been faithful to me!

When my strength was all gone,

when my heart had no song,

still in love He’s proved faithful to me.

Every word He’s promised is true.

What I thought impossible,

I’ve seen my God do.


He’s been faithful, faithful to me.

Looking back His love and mercy I see.

Oh, though in my heart I have questioned,

even failed to believe,

He’s been faithful, faithful to me.


When my heart looked away,

the many times I could not pray.

Still my God, He was faithful to me.

The days I spent so selfishly,

reaching out for what pleased me,

even then God was faithful to me.

Every time I come back to him,

He is waiting with open arms,

And I see once again.


He’s been faithful, faithful to me.

Looking back His love and mercy I see

Oh, though in my heart I have questioned

Even failed to believe

He’s been faithful, faithful to me.


In my heart I have questioned,

even failed to believe,

Yet he’s been faithful, faithful

In my heart, I have questioned, I’ve even failed to believe

Yet you’ve been faithful, faithful to me!

Thank you, Pat, for a life well lived and for sharing it with a 20 something who remembers those many lessons!

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…I failed.  I haven’t sorted through those 40 drafts so I still have to do that.

…I am reading a new book, The Art of War, and am challenged to finish all those unfinished projects and get started on….

…SHAPE was great.  Topics included Finding your Sweetspot in Ministry and Conflict Resolution in the Church.  Conflict stuff was really interesting!

…Completed training videos to begin substitute teaching.

…Excited about new opportunities.

…Love helping my friend with his book.  He has a great story to tell and some great insight for ministers.

…Learned that 23% of pastors are fired or forced to resign (1995 statistics). hhhmmm  No other occupation has such a high percentage rate.  You just can’t say “it is what it is…” but the “or is it” is……..

…My sons continue to make their momma proud.

…Going to the movies with some great friends but still miss my favorite dinner and a movie couple.

…God is love and continues to reveal Himself in surprising ways.

…This is been a great Friday, the 13th.

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