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We’re on pilgrimage…

We’re on pilgrimage…

religious journey or expedition

I read Matthew 2:2 from the Message

“We’re on pilgrimage to worship him.”

Simple words yet they echo through the following days…

words to guide

mission to undertake and understand

Those who said these words may have thought that finding the Christ would be the end of the pilgrimage only to discover that it was the beginning..

I would love to know the ongoing pilgrimage of the wisemen who were on a pilgrimage to worship Him.

Finding Jesus was only the beginning of their pilgrimage…

What does my pilgrimage look like?

Have you started looking for Jesus?

Have I found Him?

Is my pilgrimage one of ongoing worship of Jesus?




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When I was studying one of Jesus’ parables, I  discovered a new way to consider parables in William Barclay’s Daily Study Bible Series.  Barclay reminds us that when the crowds heard Jesus’ stories (parables) that they only heard them and took away one point.  They didn’t have them in writing to read again and analyze to figure out the meanings.  The crowd got one point.  Jesus would later explain the entire meaning or points to the disciples at a later time.

I experienced this phenomenon recently. A comment after a speaker was made about now much time the speaker gave to a story.  What this person didn’t realize was that the speaker was sharing a parable and then explaining the meaning.  The speaker however allowed the audience to connect the dots themselves and to see themselves in the story.

Interesting note:  The crowd probably won’t remember the points, but they will remember the parable when their attitudes and behaviors mimic the story.

The wonder and power of a parable!

You certainly can’t say “It is what it is,” when talking about a parable

or maybe you can if you have ears to hear.

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