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The other day I passed a church building that looks similar to this one.

I wondered what services were like on Sunday and in years gone by.

I could see and hear and feel . . .

the out of tune upright piano with the tops of the keys missing or yellowed with age

the hymns being sung with more enthusiasm than perfection

the minister with the soothing voice that encouraged his people to be followers of Jesus or

perhaps the minster with the booming voice due to no sound system

sharing his experience with God’s Word

the prayers of the saints

the open windows because there is no air conditioning

the slick pews that were mostly uncomfortable

God’s presence as His people gathered together to worship Him.

Nostalgia demands that there is a serenity in this rural country church.

Reality demands that we are seeing it through the eyes of wishful thinking and know that the idyllic scene we impose on these remembrances also contain scenes that we do not want to remember…

Yet we all long for the serenity of God’s presence speaking to us in a place where we can breathe deeply and be filled with His presence.

looking for that everyday…

experienced it that day when I saw that church in the country…

When I seek Him, I find Him.

How extraordinary!


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