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The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith is a must read the first time and a continued read throughout life.

I first read this book and participated in a small group study about five years ago.  Since then, I lead a small group using The Good and Beautiful God.

Currently I am co-leading another small group through this book.

I have also led 2 different children’s ministry through KABOOM!  Discovering Who God Is by River’s Edge Curriculum which also aligns with Good and Beautiful God!  I still use the 9 characteristics of God from the KABOOM! material in our KidFaith classes (preparation for baptism).

All of that to say…

I am reminded about how good and beautiful God truly is.

Be alert for false narratives about God that want to creep back in.

As I re-read this book, I can also see how I have grown in my spiritual life.

I need to read

The Good and Beautiful God,

The Good and Beautiful Life, and

The Good and Beautiful Community


I need to share this book series with others.

Happy reading!

Share your The Good and Beautiful God experience with others.



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